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1500ml 8.98"x8.98"xH2.99" (Fold) 42g Bagasse Compostable Eco Friendly Paper Food Box

Item No.: LZ-P-SH09

The bagasse clamshell container is very suitable for takeaways, restaurants and hamburger shops. With a deeper base than a standard clamshell, these are ideal for larger portions or pasta.

Free Sample.
Logo Added Available.
Packaging Method as Your Request.
Mold Opening Accepted.
  • Color:
  • PFAS (Flourine) Free:
    Need - Oil Resistance 5 to 100℃
    No Need
  • Raw material ratio:
    80% Bagasse + 20% Bamboo
    49% Bagasse + 51% Bamboo
  • Inner Packaging Method:
    Currently Uncertain
    120 Pcs/Pack
    50 Pcs/Pack
    24 Pcs/Pack
    12 Pcs/Pack
MOQ: 150 Carton, Approx 30,000 Pcs (If we have stock, the MOQ could be negotiated.)

Detailed Info

Detailed Info



The 1500ml 8.98"x8.98"xH2.99" (Fold) 42g Bagasse Compostable Eco Friendly Paper Food Box is the perfect solution for takeaways, restaurants, and hamburger shops. With its deeper base compared to standard clamshells, this food box is ideal for larger portions or pasta dishes. Made from bagasse, a sustainable and eco-friendly material, this compostable food box take away is not only good for the environment but also keeps your food fresh and secure during transportation. Say goodbye to single-use plastic containers and choose the greener option with our Bagasse Compostable Eco Friendly Paper Food Box.





Raw Material

Capacity (ml)

Color Option

Weight (g)

Open Size (mm)

Fold Size (mm)




CTN Size (mm)

CBM (m³)

Net Weight (kg)




80% Bagasse + 20% Bamboo


Natural / White












          A. The packaging method can be customized according to your specific requirement.
          B. We can reflect your logo / brand on the product, inner bag, carton, etc..
          C. For more information about customization, please refer to page of customization.
          D. Traditional Variant:
              1. Applicable temperaturer range: -25℃ ~ 212℃.
              2. Resistant to ≦100℃ oil & ≦100℃ water.
              3. Refrigerator / Freezer safe.
              4. Microwave safe.
              5. Oven safe: ≦200℃, ≦3min.
          E. PFAS-Free Variant (Compliance with future or current policy requirements):
              1. Resistant to 5℃ ~ 100℃ oil (Far ahead of peers) & ≦100℃ water.
              2. Refrigerator / Freezer safe: -18℃ ~ 5℃ (Only for oil-free & unheated food);
              3. Not applicable to microwave / oven.
              4. Applicable to alcoholic beverages (Alcohol concentration ≦30%).


Product Feature


Our pulp molded products are waterproof and oil-proof, biodegradable and compostable, and can be used in microwaves and refrigerators.




We extract fibers from sugarcane bagasse, refine them, and heat press them in corresponding molds to create a wide range of pulp molded products. After use, the pulp molded products will naturally degrade in nature and become fertilizer to nourish other plants.


The Advantage of Sugarcane Bagasse as Raw Material


Advantages of using sugarcane as raw material: reduced environmental damage, efficient degradation, Durability and resource efficiency.


Standard Operation Process for Customization Needs


pulp moulded product Customization process: From product drawings to sample mold opening, after customer confirmation, mass production, labeling and shipment are carried out.


Customers Say


Customer reviews of our products and services on TrustPilot; they all express satisfaction.


Great Scale & Stable Capacity


Pulp moulded Factory internal and external display. The annual output is over 120,000 ton.

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