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Luzhou Pack at the NRA show

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Author : Yilin Zhang
Update time : 2024-05-22 10:04:01

Luzhou Pack is thrilled to join the NRA show. Many potential and existing customers from the US and Canada have expressed their intent to visit our booth for face-to-face discussions. We are honored by their attendance. After in-depth discussions, they learned that Luzhou Pack boasts stable, advanced production processes like full-temperature fluorine-free and 51% bamboo pulp, along with enhanced leak-proof technology. Our product diversity and innovations, such as bagasse cutlery, cardboard plates, and bamboo pulp tissue, also piqued their interest. Many new customers at the NRA show are very interested in our products, including peers and professionals from related and other industries. For instance, some work with plastic products or aim to enter the eco-friendly disposable tableware sector. We've highlighted the benefits of bagasse as a tableware material: lower environmental impact, efficient biodegradability, durability, and resource efficiency. Our massive impact on production and sales is notable. As a leading biodegradable disposable manufacturer, our annual capacity exceeds 120,000 tons. We supply major enterprises like Walmart, Costco Wholesale, and World Centric. Several exhibitors expressed interest in visiting Luzhou Pack production base soon to foster collaboration. Overall, the presentation was successful, enjoyable, and meaningful. Luzhou Pack hope more people will join us in protecting our blue planet and exploring sustainable packaging opportunities.



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Luzhou Pack looks forward to meeting you in London in October to discuss the sustainable packaging industry's status, future, and opportunities. Our exhibition number is W42, S2 Hall.